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Adventures completed in the City of Gods

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This is a list of adventures so far completed and links to them in reverse chronological order:


Save Keddleford (DM: Jerall): A mighty group of heroes assembles to venture into the City's sewers in order to free an imprisoned hero, Keddleford. (Notable Result: Keddleford is saved.)



Keddleford Abduction (DM: Henri):


The Heart of Tarlannar (DM: Jerall): Just after the epic final encounter in a long campaign against Crawsalar, an evil red dragon Tyrant, and his cloud giant army, the PCs are waylaid on their journey back to the City. They found themselves trapped in a strange chamber with no obvious exit. Most teleportation magics simply do not work. The PCs spend weeks trapped inside, some nearly driven mad, until they figure the way out. (Notable Results: The PCs learn more about Tarlannar's mortal days. They earn his favour and even have a brief visit to the fourth layer of the city.)


The Green Heart of Light (DM: Cassey):


Hell, Frozen Over (DM: Piet):


They Might be Gods (DM: Jerall): The PCs are invited by Elisstra, a devout servant of Miatzliti and headmistress of the Arcane School of the Red Gnome, to investigate a site that once was home of the mortal mage Tarlannar. In the course of the adventure, the PCs encounter a lich and vampire - Tarlannar's siblings. (Notable Results: June the Wizard and Hailey (again) slain. Hailey (again) resurrected. All, but one, of the surviving PCs taste divinity - literally - consuming the long dead flesh of a dead godling.)


Book Hunt (DM: Jerall): Dandek sends the PCs on a hunt for a magical book. However, several other factions are racing to claim the book for themselves. 


Wargames (DM: Henri): The heroes are sent by Francis, of the Church of Cara, to war camp. The local commander enlists them to ferret out a spy---as the campaigns efforts have been sabotaged in recent months. After much missadventure the party manages to discover that the commander himself (killed and replaced by a mindflayer) was the leak. (Notable Results: The religious community at large discovers the source of tampered adventures---refer to Great Temple Robbery)


Dungeon World 9 - Castle Grugnir (DM: Jerall): Once again, the PCs are recruited to brave another one of Dungeon World's deadly dungeons. This time it's the fortress of the self-made Frost Giant Jarl, GRUGNIR! The PCs need to brave the fortress in order to gain enough tickets to purchase an item from Dungeon World's gift store. (Notable Results: Death of Gendo, Death of Neku, Death of Hailey-Anne (Promptly Ressurected), Goku inherits Gendou's School of Martial Arts)


The Peasant Butcher's Rest (DM: Marius): The party attempts to track down the killer of peasants that has run rampant in recent weeks---the most likely suspect (Hailey-Anne, the Peasant Butcher) claims innocence even though all witness evidence points to her. Eventually the party manages to trackdown the true killer, a mirror elemental appearing more or less in the form of Hailey-Anne. (Notable Results: Graft based rewards)


A Rescue Too Far (DM: Herc): The party of heroes sets forth to aid a noble house down on its luck. They attempt to rescue the lady of the manor---but are distracted by numerous side adventures that take up the better part of 7 weeks. They find the Lady dead and marinating. (Notable Results: Rescue various dragon babies from a false mother. Obtained various Planar Touchstone powers.)


Concentrated Battle (DM: Henri): Sensei Gendou approaches the party asking them to aid him in establishing a great school of martial arts; in order to do this they need money which they raise by entering a no-holds-barred tournament of blood and death. After numerous battles featuring hazards both monstrous and environmental the heroes stand undefeated. (Notable Results: Gendou's School of Martial Arts opens. Hailey-Anne atones to the Church of Lyndrii)


Escape from Kognition (DM: Herc): The party is required to retrieve the mask of perfection from the Guild of Kognetics - and promptly are trapped in an elaborate maze of puzzles and misdirection. They eventually escape, only to find that the entire adventure was a hoax purpetrated by Thazirin, the evil God of (False) Hope. (Notable Results: Death, and raising, of Goku and Grog)



Sleeping Earth - Requiem (DM: Henri): The adventurers are sent forth to retrieve the magical items lost on Earth---as they are making a significant stir in the scientific community and Lyndrii feels that the time is not yet ripe for the people of Earth to uncover deep secrets of magic. The party manages their first quest both successfully and without any bloodshed. (Notable results: a single vial of Cure Moderate Wounds was not recovered...)



Sleeping Earth (DM: Henri): The heroes are sent on a suicide mission into Null plane - a world without magic. They manage to track down the source of the magical drain and liberate magic on the plane. Incidentally the quest took place on Earth. (Notable results: Hailey-Anne single-handedly caused the death of more than 30 non-combatants in this session, she also manages to lose 90% of her character wealth.)


Great Temple Robbery (DM: Cassey): The intrepid adventurers accept the task of breaking into temple grounds of Bethymar to obtain the Game of the Gods name generator used to determine what heroes are sent on what mission. The party successfully achieves this task and additionally manages to loot the place of much of its wealth. (Notable Results: Game of the God adventures are stacked against good/neutral aligned heroes.)


A Bouquet by any other Name (DM: Herc): The Adventurers are required to guard a relic in the custody of the church of Bellentar; they barely manage to protect the relic against a three-fold kobold plot---but give-up the relic to a horny dragon. (Notable results: party members gain Dragonfriend)


A Dark Presence (DM: Henri): The party quests to discover the nature of occult activity on a distant plane; they manage to uncover a plot to undermine the Gods and (with some divine assistance) end the threat to the City of the Gods. (Notable results: some party members achieved the first step to ascending to Godhood)


Sliding Planes 2 - The Moebius (DM: Marius): The heroes adventure into Limbo, facing perils of pseudo-geometric nature. (Notable results: none)


Nymphomation (DM: Jerall): The party sets forth to acquire a stout branch from a dryad's tree. And track down an animal companion in labor. And defeat a marauding drill-mole-shark-monster. (Notable results: none)


InKognito (DM: Herc): The Adventurers travel to the City of Liett, which is controlled by the devote followers of Ethon.  Murders have been taking place in the city and they are quickly pinned on the party.  With the help of the local Theives Guild they clear their names and save the city...almost.  (Notable result: Haily-Anne gains Murder of Commoners (the Peasant Butcher), Camren loses enmity of Ethon, Sing Tune loses ire of Ethon, Ethon gains ire of Sing Tune)


Kognition (DM: Herc): The party is sent on a mission by Len Jandingar to retrieve a cog for his wonderous machine. The party travels through many gates solving puzzles and defeating monsters, but are ultimately failed by their own greed. (Notable result: Sing Tune gains enmity of Miatzliti)


Black Magic (DM: Jerall): The party is enlisted to save a sorceror from the deepest, darkest dungeon of a city that hates arcanists and chaos. Sewers and sowing dissent and disorder are what it's all about this time. (Notable result: Some of the PCs accept a dark blessing from a cleric of Miatziliti.)


Return to Dungeon World VII (DM: Jerall): Our intrepid heroes must journey through the frigid Romlet Mountains to save a prince from the evil princess. Not only battling Dungeon World's frozen fiends, the PCs also need to duel against other contestants aiming to free the prince first.


Sliding Planes (DM: Marius): The party is sent to a grim plane to find and eliminate Samael - a researcher threatening to unbalance the Blood War. They find and execute him, and make off leaving the abode burning. (Notable result: Ire of Ethon)


Cat and Mouse (DM: Jerall): The players are taught a few harsh lessons on trust in a dungeon crawling with creatures from the far realm. (Notable result: Gained NPC Z'ex)


Blade of Balance 2 (DM: Cassey): The players were required to retrieve the Blade of Balance from the hands of a noted family of Arista's favor. Slaying the living earth that guarded the blade the heroes achieved this feat. (Notable result: Gained the emnity of Arista, Favor of Bethymor, Bethymor now holds the Blade of Balance)


Blade of Balance (DM: Henri): The players are summoned by a minion of Arista, a mindflayer named K'zzr. He tasks them with the protection of an ancient relic of balance which a group of paladins are attempting to acquire. The players manage to retrieve the blade, only to find that they are betrayed by K'zzr; fortunately for the party the relic considerably limited the power of the mindflayer, allowing them to defeat him. (Notable result: Arista now holds the Blade of Balance.)


Lost in Sewage (DM: Jerall): The players were asked to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Holfastinb clan, a gnomish community living in the sewers of the lowest layer of the city. The adventure led the players into encounters with the otyugh mafia and ghosts on the ethereal plane. (Notable result: Gained gratitude of sewer gnomes and ire of Arista.)


Not so Humble (DM: Henri): Francis asks the players to deal with some unwanted attention, from a man named In-My-Humble-Opinion Tep. The players explore his small pyramid and eventually find and slay the mummy. (Notable result: Heroes felt their force of personality awaken.)


Back to Dungeon World V (DM: Jerall): The players are sent to one of the many material worlds in order to return the black axe back to its original owner. Unfortunately, their gate deposits them in the lair of Skyzzix, a fierce green dragon, and they have to fight their way out. (Notable result: Gained enmity of Dungeon World owner. Gained NPC Lyric)


300 Stand (DM : Shaun): The heroes are tasked with holding a narrow mountain pass against an onslaught of ninjas, orcs and ogres---finally they defeat the leader (a Wereboar) to claim victory. (Notable Result: A fellow hero, Shadowmancer, died - he returns as a Totemist)


Divine Dispute (DM: Henri): The players are asked to settle a dispute between two nobles at a lusty banquet of the flesh. Amidst the revelry and debauchery the players managed to find a peaceful resolution to the quarrel. They later find out that this symbolic act helped recover Cara's wits. (Notable result: Gained favor in the eyes of Cara.)


Flight of the Tarsus (DM: Jerall): The players are asked to retrieve a pair of crystalline gauntlets on the material world of Camanta. Their gate leads them onto a floating mountain of sorts that is half flesh, half rock. The party had to deal with insurmountable attacks from beasts spawned directly from the flesh of the mountain. Eventually, the players recovered the gauntlets and also a strange black-bladed great axe. (Notable result: Tarsus still suffering from infestation, recovered an artefact.)


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