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Great Moments

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This page stores pivotal moments of luck, daring and high adventure that the party of heroes experience.



Adventure: Sliding Planes (Part 1) (DM: Marius, Bard: Henri)


...and before the heroes appeared an augustus

man with wings - an archon of justice.

He rode a pegasus, his mind voice spake:

"This is your end, your lives are forsake."


And his mount charged forth with a violent crack

bearing down on the party with a fly by attack.

The heroes divided to meet with force -

young totem wielder used ice to harry the horse.


The thief drew forth with tumbles erratic

approaching the angel with skills acrobatic;

but behold! an aura of menace she crossed

and her will was failed - her fighting spirit lost.


And one more hero moved that noon

with great axe ready - it was Sing Tune.

She stepped through the aura with narry a waver

weapon aloft and a swing to savor.


Her attack bore down on the celestial foe

cleaving right through: an angel in two.

With a moment of glory and a fortitude of one

the archon of justice was brought down, undone.



Sing Tune's (Level 6 Warblade) opening attack on the Archon of Justice - performed with a maximised power attack - critically hit for 82 damage.

The angel critically failed his fortitude save and was instantly slain.


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